Customer Related FAQ's:



What is PinkAprons?


PinkAprons is a food delivery service where we empower the HomeChefs to start their own online food business and be able to provide fresh, hygienic homemade food to the customer. We aim at providing the best customer service to our customers with timely food delivery.



How to order food through PinkAprons?


You can simply download the app from Google Playstore

( ) or Website ( ) and log in to the app, enter your location, and find the home-chefs near you. Then place the order for home cooked food and relish the yummy food.


What is special for ICICI Bank customers?


Flat 50% off on 3 orders for ICICI Bank customers (Netbanking or card users)

Min order amount - Rs200, Max discount - Rs150

Offer valid till 31st Oct.



How does the refund process work?


If the food you receive is not in an edible/good condition, we will evaluate the situation with you and the chef as well and process part or full repayment of the food item accordingly.



How much do you charge for delivery?


Our delivery charge is based on distance, base price is 21rs (upto 3kms).



How can I share feedback?


You can write us an email at  or you can connect with us through chat support.



How to rate the service?


Once the order is completed, you can go to your order page from the profile, and you’ll see an option to rate the chef. You can click and share your feedback.



Can I get a breakfast/dinner delivery service daily from the same person?


Yes. You can raise a request to our customer support at or through our chat support, and we will pass the request to the concerned HomeChef. If they agree, we will provide the service to you.



Can I raise a Bulk order request or catering service request?


Yes. You can raise a request to our customer support at or through our chat support, and we will pass the request to the concerned HomeChef. If they agree, we will provide the service to you.



Home-Chef FAQ's:


How to register with PinkAprons as a home-chef?

We are happy to see your interest in joining our family. You can register as a home-chef with us through our website ( or App ( link


What happens after I register as a home-chef with PinkAprons?

•You’ll receive a call from our representative to share more details about PinkAprons. If interested next step would be to attend the Virtual Induction.

•Next you would need to book a slot for Taste Audit/Dry Run.

•If you get through the test, our marketing team will immediately process the next steps and onboard you on the App.

•That’s it. Log in to the app and start taking the orders.


What is Taste Audit?

Taste Audit is like an audit to check the work flow of the entire process, along with test on your dishes to ensure the hygiene, ingredients, cooking process, and taste. We perform this test to make sure the customers are receiving what they seek.


How can I contact support?

In case of any concerns, queries, complaints, and feedback, you can write an email to We’ll respond to you within 24 hours.


How do I access the app?

You can download the PinkAprons Merchant app from Google Playstore store. Once you receive the confirmation of your profile created in the backend, you can log in through your phone number.


How many orders can I take in a day?

You can take any number of orders you are comfortable with.


Is there any limit to the number of food items that I can enter in the app?

No. You can add any number of food items which are delivery friendly.


Are there any criteria of minimum number of orders that I can take in a week or month?

No. There is no such criteria. You may take orders as a part-time home-chefs too.


What if I’m not able to complete the order in the given time?

We would encourage you to be fully prepared for your orders to reduce the last-minute hassle. But in case of unavoidable circumstances, we will evaluate the situation with the customer and proper action will be taken accordingly.


Can restaurants be a partner with PinkAprons?

No. Restaurants are not allowed to partner with us as it’s an initiative to boost the HomeChef business and provide homemade food to our customers.


In case I relocate, can I change my address?

Yes. You can write to us on, and if we are active in that location, your relocation request will be accepted.


Can I change my phone number?

Yes. You can write an email to and request for a phone number change.


How will my payment or earnings be settled?

The payment will be settled every week.


Can I refer anyone else to join as a PinkAprons home-chef?

Of course, Yes. We would be happy to have your referrals in our family and in return you may also earn some referral benefit.


How does Bulk order / Catering service request work?

PinkAprons will receive the Bulk order or catering requests from the customer. Then we will check with you and based on your interest we will pass on the order to you.


Who provides the packaging material?

We will provide you with all the required packaging material. At first, you will receive merchandised complimentary packaging material. Later, you’ll have to purchase packaging material from us. You can also use your packaging material after getting it approved from us.


How is the delivery of food done?

We have got it covered. Our delivery partner “Dunzo” comes to your house, picks up the parcel, and delivers it to the customers. In case you want to deliver it on your own, you can opt for the “Self- Delivery model”.  For few locations which don’t come under Dunzo serviceable area we need to verify it once.