Our Journey of Becoming a Visionary Foodpreneur - Creating a Global Remark

As said, a woman's passion has always been connecting traditional Indian values to a global approach. PinkAprons amends on connecting modern India back to its roots through home-cooked food.  Especially people who are away from home. We enrich our customer's taste buds with flavours that carry memories of home-cooked food. 

PinkAprons is a beginning of a journey, between us and you. A journey where we make people feel at home who are away from home and fulfil their food cravings with utmost love.


A journey of thousand miles begins with an idea

PinkAprons started with a vision by these strong, ambitious, persistent, self-made, aspiring entrepreneurs who hold a positive mindset and trusting attitude, to redefine food culinary in a modern way with traditional touch for the generations which crave for healthy and hygiene food.

PinkAprons (by women, for women) always wished to do something different, and their courage to follow their heart to soar above all constraints is commendable. Women who chase their dreams and turn them into reality with their “never give up attitude”. 


Global Vision of the Journey 

We wish to provide the best quality food to our customers. We envision making the business a global brand and spread its concept - about the equality where women can run a business and become entrepreneurs. We are actively working on developing women entrepreneurship through PinkAprons for home chefs so that their scrumptious food reaches the masses. “We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”.


The next time you are ‘hungry’ and wish to relish a delicious meal, remember that PinkAprons is just a click away to order home-cooked food!!